Who are we ?

Our ambition

Create tools for the learning of our children.
Efficient, evolvable and playful

Our history

Between the begining of the project and final version of Totemigo, there is time, passion and a lot of learning. We have met a lot of testers from everywhere in France, we have spent nights to prepare package for them, we have cut hundred of labels. We have imagined, drawed, prototyped and tested.

Indeed, everything wasn’t rosy. we passed through doubt, questioning and fear moments. Sometimes, we even had hesitations moments to continue. But we got up and you have always helps us !

After all, we are Axolotls, this resillient animals from wich limbs always grow back !

Our products from the Totemigo brand

Order online

You create or dowload activities on our web plateform and drag them in Totemigo. In an instant you can go from practicing of a skill to another. Totemigo is playful and sensory, …

It captivates the child !

Our team

Antonin, graduated ingeneer from the INSA Lyon (France) and now entrepreneur at Lyon. Allong with Valéria and Thibault during the genese of the project until the end of our studies, we have thought and created TOTEMIGO.

Besides Antonin who is fulltime on the project, Valéria is still implicated from Russia where she works. Send a message on our facebook account and it might be her who answer.

Now these are trainees that support at times the project and help us to advance !


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