Why Totemigo ?

For its adaptive side !


Totemigo evolves according to your needs and those of the children with whom you work. Each child is different by his age, his level, his pastimes, his specific needs… In the same way the work of a skill is always different to another.

With these multiplicities of children and skills to work, it necessary to get an open and progressive tool to guide them !

And you, what are going to create ?

Each kit comes with an access to the web platform. On this one, you can download scenarios existing but also create news ! The only limit is your imagination… And you, what are you going to create ?  

Totemigo leave you to do as you want. Rather pictograms or written words ? Rather cursive font or “sticks”? Rather red or blue?

The editor allow you to do according to your method !

For its fun and sensory side !


With Totemigo, the child touches and sees. He handles and is actor of his work. We point the finger, we turn, we move, we try, and we try again. Totemigo is playful by nature, and it’s captivating for the child.

With the 14 magnets inside Totemigo, the  sensoriality is assured ! Then to assure the facets are always aligned; the magnets bring a slight haptic feedback in the hands that is fascinating. Even with low hand motility, Totemigo can be used: the magnets help to position well, and the haptic feedback signals it to the brain.

Ho, nice colors

4 colors for Totemigo, don’t they are beautiful ?

They have been chosen in order to be bright, happy and to capture attention. Posed on a desk, Totemigo attracts gazes !

We are always on the road by the French-speaking countries. Do you want to meet us to try Totemigo ?

For its practical side !


Articulation, reading, logico-maths, conjugation; multiplication, … everything is possible and that’s great! And because we can do so much with it, the tool also needed to be designed to be practical and sustainable.

The users tests have permitted to pass from an untreated tool including 6 square labels to a finished tool. Now, Totemigo is practical, nice and hardy. The labels are strips we easily slide and we pull out in a second.

On the web platform, tutorials guide you and we are always here to help you.


Choose your scenarios on Internet

Print, laminate and cut them. You can also ask us to do this for you

Work according to your methods

Totemigo is patented !

For its mechanical of assembly and for its the insertion of labels we have filed a patent. It permits to us to have a head start on potential counterfeit. But you will know recognize the true Totemigo, isn’t it ?

Have you heard about the storage binder for Totemigo’s stickers?

The binder contains plastic pockets with inserts specially designed for the shape of the Totemigo’s stickers.

It's time to equip yourself !