• Create new activities
  • Find existing activities
  • Download and print activities

… Let’s show you everything !


1. In a few words

Shortly after ordering Totemigo, you will receive an email with your personal activation code. With it you can create an account on our web app :

Simple, intuitive, and collaborative!

Access to the web app is included with each order of Totemigo

Ordering Totemigo is entering in the collaborative world where activities are shared to foster the education of children.

And here are videos....

… as pictures are better than words !

A wep app to individualise your sessions

For each child and each competence

2. Editing an activity

On the editor which is embedded into our web app, you can create your own activities for Totemigo. You may want to add :

  • texts
  • shapes
  • numbers
  • images and pictures
  • pictograms

Moreover it is possible to format the text. For instance in order to better show a difficult sound within a word.

And finally, you can insert images and pictures from your computer.

And with images ...

It is always possible to ask for help ! Simply access the chat through the little bubble on the right hand side of the screen.

3. Collaboration

The web app is collaborative. You will find on it all the activities which have been created for Totemigo by the community.

While navigating on the app you will find both inspiration and the possibility to download activities. Thus allowing you to push further the limits of your sessions.

Finally, it is possible to comment on the activities and to share them, thus helping their creator.

One for all, all for one !

And with images ...

4. Preparing an activity

Once you have chosen an activity that you would like to use (whether it is yours or one created by someone else) you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Download the activity from the web app (it’s free !)
  2. Print it and laminate it (80 microns)
  3. Cut the paper along the lines
  4. And insert in Totemigo

5. The Hexacoins

Hexacoins are coins you may trade against services or extensions on For instance you may want to receive through mail the activities, or to access some premium images for your Totemigo.

Though, the access to the web app will stay forever free.

The premium services involve the work of graphic designer, postal and printing services ; thus we want to be able to remunerate them correctly. That’s the purpose of Hexacoins.