Some ways to use Totemigo

1. Both of you on Totemigo


In 1-to-1 sessions, Totemigo is perfect ! It allows you to work on the skills you have targeted and according to your methods !
With Totemigo there are plenty of ways to make use of the tools whether it’s working one after the other, giving yourself the instruction, or using Totemigo as a visual aid for another game… you will always be able to adapt you to the child and to her needs !

On the web app you will to find activities. They go with instructions and tips to setup, but do not hesitate to innovate !

2. On her own with Totemigo


Because you are not always with the child, it’s also possible to leave her in autonomy on Totemigo. Some activities are conceived for this: the instruction are written on the Totemigo.  Other activities can be corrected a posteriori, as for example in the construction of sentences: the child forms a sentence with Totemigo writes it on a paper. She starts again 5 times and finally asks the correction to the adult.

Finally, an universal self-correcting system is in preparation. It will allow to the child to correct herself with a code (colors and forms) written on the Totemigo’s faces. A sheet including the right codes will be available and will enable the correction. 

To get informed of the release of self-correction and / or to register for the tests, click below :

Many primary school teachers use Totemigo as part of their autonomy centers. They prepare an exercise at the beginning of the week and they ensure that each pupil does the exercise one time at least. 

Totemigo adapts !

3. More than two on Totemigo


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With Totemigo you will find an activation code for the web app. It allows you to download and create activities.

In the case of heterogeneous groups, it can be interesting to allow those more ahead creating an activity for the others. In this way, we ensure that both have understood the concept !

Of course, there are plenty of other variationsFeel free to share yours on social networks !

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