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Preorder Totemigo before the 15th of July.

If enough Totemigo are ordered, then we make it available, otherwise we fully refund you.

The parcels will be dispatched during the summer and be at your door before the 31st of August.

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Each step we cross, a new gift comes for all of our backers!

10 free folies to sort activities


1 free binder to sort activities


Let's reach the first steps, before we unveil the next ones...

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Our engagement

Quality products with the best customer service

In 5 points

  1. All our products have been designed with their users and thus thought to be be both easy to use and efficient
  2. Our products are made with the best materials. The hexagon of Totemigo uses a plastic with food safety standards (ABS POLYLAC® PA-757F). 
  3. Our products are tested for their resistance. For example, the Totemigo resists a fall from the 2nd floor on a concrete floor ! It’s not inflammable, it can’t be ingested, and there is no wounding corner.
  4. We work in partnership with a vocational rehabilitation centre for disabled workers in France, at Chaponost. This adapted workshop is a plus that makes all the difference, don’t you think so ?
  5. Finally, we are always available for you ! We ensure to answer you in the hour or at least in the day following your message.

Don't know where to start ?

First, feel free to see our FAQ 

Next, you can contact us to ask us your questions. We are always happy to help you !

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