Getting the activities ready

  • It’s quick
  • It’s easy with our dedicated web app
  • And it enables you to individualize the sessions

… Let’s explain everything!

1. Choose or create:

When you order Totemigo, you receive by email an activation code. With it, you can create an account on our web app:

On the dedicated web app, you can download an existing activity or create new ones.

On the editor which is integrated to the web app, you can create your own activities for Totemigo with:

  • text
  • shapes
  • numbers
  • pictures
  • pictograms

It’s also possible to format the text as much as you want. For example in order to highlight a mute letter.

Finally, it’s possible to add pictures from your computer.


2. Print and laminate:

What is great with Totemigo is its wide database of activities on a broad range of subjects. You just need to print and laminate to change activity !

By the way, we recommend you to print on white paper A4 at 80g/m² and to laminate with a plastic film of 80 micrometers thickness. 

So that activities fit into Totemigo, you must disable the “scaling” (or “page adjustment”) option when printing.  Choose 100% scale !

3. Cut :

You have choice:

  • Cut with a pair of scissors
  • Or use a paper trimmer

As far as we are concerned, we begin with a paper trimmer (watch the videos) and we finish with scissors. So the paper activities are all straight !

4. Insert in Totemigo:

Now, it’s a little trick you’ll get better and better at with time Here are the steps, and we strongly encourage you to watch the videos:

  1. Take a paper with one hand and the Totemigo with the other hand.
  2. Put the thumb to the paper on the arrow
  3. Slide it in the block while holding the thumb on the arrow.
  4. Once the thumb is not enough, form a “crab clip” with your thumb and forefinger, and pinch the paper until it is fully inserted.

Be careful to align the separations on the thumbnails with the “teeth” of Totemigo.

In video ...

… because pictures are better than words !