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Refind all your pictograms on Totemigo

  • Available to trained people to MAKATON
  • Included in each order of Totemigo
  • Creation of activities with MAKATON’s pictograms
  • Access to activities created by other users.

MAKATON and Totemigo

The communication assistance program is allied with the Totemigo’s hexagons !

What is MAKATON ?

MAKATON is a communication and language assistance program constituted of a functional vocabulary used by speaking, signs and/or pictograms. It was developed in 1973 by Margaret WALKER, Britannic speech therapist , in order to answer to the needs of children and adults suffering learning disorders and communication. In France, this is the association AAD Makaton which supporting it.

Who is MAKATON for ? 

MAKATON answers to needs of a large population of adults and children affected by language disorders associated to various disabilities : mental retardation, autism, polyhandicap, specific language disorders, neurological disorders affecting communication.

MAKATON is also adapted to the entourage of the person with a disability : parents, speech therapists, educator, psychomotors…, in order to use the same mode of communication and facilitate his learning.

Some examples :

the table
the apple
the girl
the book
the boy

What permits MAKATON ?

While the both levels of training to MAKATON, the participants learn for those they accompany to :

  • Establish a functional communication
  • Improve the understanding and favor the orality
  • Structure the oral and written language
  • Permit better exchanges everyday life

And with Totemigo :

Using MAKATON’s pictograms on Totemigo, we increase the learning of those with a new multi sensory support which favor the experimentation.

  • Totemigo permits to offer a multi sensory visual support to pictograms
  • Totemigo permits to diversify the situations according to paradigmatic and syntagmatic axes to create new situation and to favor the experimentation. 
  • Totemigo focuses one’s energy of the person and captivates with its sensory ( magnetized system)
  • Totemigo permits to work the sequential with the notion of “left to right”

Some activities with Totemigo

The Play's Sentences of MAKATON

The aim of this play is to reconstitute a sentence describing the picture put in first position. It was  offered by Emmanuelle, manager in ADD MAKATON.

We can also use it without block including the instruction. And ask to the person to :

  • reproduce with the pictograms an instruction given orally
  • say a rest of pictograms constituted randomly on Totemigo

It’s possible to modulate the difficulty using one/two/three/… Totemigo’s blocks

A lot of variations are possible. Indeed, you can adapt the scenario to the person’s level and pastimes.

Discrimination of pictograms

Here, we learn to discriminate several pictograms which are look like : the father, the grand-father, the mother, the grand-mother, the man and the woman.

For this, we ask to the person to do a line of identically pictograms and to express verbally.

It’s possible to serve of Totemigo as an instruction support and as an answer support !

Building sentences

Here, we invite the person to build sentences asking her to :

  • reproduce with the pictograms a instruction given orally
  • say a rest of pictograms constituted randomly on Totemigo

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