Hexagons of Totemigo

Adapted methods to each profil

There is 2 differents boxes. The first one, a tube that contains 4 hexagons. The second one, a cube that contains 16 hexagons.

  • The tube is perfect to start with Totemigo
  • The Cube is perfect for collectivities

In each cases, you can access to the web plateform to create or download activities.

Totemigo is patented !

Our hexagon is patented for labels insertion technology and for its sensoriality during the hexagons rotation.

#Magnets #MadeWithLove

To prepare your activities

A little reminder :

Choose an acitvity on app.totemigo

Print on a white paper (ex: 80g/m²) avec a 100% scale (disable scaling !)

Plastify the paper (80 microns)

Cut the paper and insert scenarios in Totemigo.

Here is a
video example !

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