To store and sort activities

A classifying binder

The binder allows you to classify and sort activities that you have printed for Totemigo.

This is simple and efficient with these tailored plastics pockets for our labels. Each plastic pocket allows to store 1 activity.

To store your activities

With the help of Totemigo users, we have created special pockets.

Simple and useful

The 5 compartments on each pockets allow you to store flat all stripes of your scenario. There is another compartment on the top to store informations about the scenario like its title or instructions.

Trick : Titles and instructions of activity are automatically generated on the paper during the printing.

Pockets are in A4 format and adapt to each binders.

To prepare your activities

A little reminder :

Choose an activities on app.totemigo

Print on a white paper (ex: 80g/m²) with a 100% scale (disable scaling !)

Platisfy the paper (80 microns)

Cut the paper and insertlabels in Totemigo

Here is a
video example !