A classifying binder

The binder permits you to classify and to organize the stickers you print for Totemigo.

This is simple and effective with these plastic pockets made to measure for our stickers. Each plastic pockets permits you to classify recto-verso 2 scenarios  and to have them always close to you.

The design of the binder has been designed with its users. Thank you all for participating to the questionnaires !

How does it work ?

A binder and its plastic pockets

The outside…

and the inside

Practical and aesthetic !

The 5 compartments on the recto and 5 others on the verso permit you to classify 2 scenarios by Totemigo’s plastic pockets. 

Also, a supplementary place allows you to slide by the top information on the scenario as its title and its game’s rules.

Each binder comes with 10 plastic pockets (it means enough plastic pockets to classify 20 scenarios).

A4 Format

The plastic pockets are made to measure for Totemigo, hence the price different from that of standard A4 pockets. Each sticker can be inserted easily while being held in place; and with a simple gesture of the finger one can recover its scenario.

The binder has been designed in order to allow you to organize as well as possible your session with Totemigo. That your ideas which made it possible !

Pockets packs

To increase your binder

2 packs are offered: one permits to classify 20 scenarios, the other permits to classify 40 pack scenarios. They respectively contain  10 and 20  Totemigo’s pockets.

Indeed, each pockets of pack permits you to classify 2 scenarios for, Totemigo, recto-verso.

Perfect to complete a binder.

Compatible with all the binders with A4 format.

Order a binder

Totemigo’s Binder

19,00 €  20,00€
+ shipping costs

Totemigo’s plastic pockets

7,60 €  8,00€
+ shipping costs

Totemigo’s plastic pockets

14,25  15,00€
+ shipping costs


Refurnishing scheduled on the 26th of February.

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