The totemiteam

Antonin, was trained as an engineer in France, just before graduating he kicked off a project that he anticipated for long. Helped by Valeria and Thibault during the genesis of the project and until the end of their studies, he thought and created TOTEMIGO.

Although Antonin is now working full time on Totemigo. Send a message to our Facebook Page and it’s probably him who will answer to you !

And now, there are also speech therapists, and trainees who support the project.

The road for 2 years :

Between the project’s genesis and the final version, there has been a lot of learnings. We met people everywhere in France and Canada, spent nights preparing parcels for the testers, and cut a lot of activities. We imagined, drew, prototyped and tested.

Of course, everything wasn’t perfect from scratch. We spent doubt moments and we confronted fears.  Nonetheless, we have always stood

A collective story !

Since the beginning of the project there have been not less than 200 meetings with speech therapists, special educational needs teachers, educators, parents, … that have been conducted. Their advices has been invaluable in thinking of a tool that meets both their needs and those of the child.

The Totemigo’s tests with 85 persons enabled us to refine its shape and design. If you follow the adventures since the beginning, you probably have seen the evolution !

And besides the discussions with adults we had at heart to meet the children. It was very important in order to have their opinions but also to have the possibility to observe, better understand and adapt as well as possible TOTEMIGO.

They talk about us