A prize for Totemigo !

For its practical and evolutive design

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Handful of skills,
a tool which adapts !


An evolutive tool

which adapts to each child and each skill !

You create or download activities on our web platform and you insert them in Totemigo. In just a second, you jump from a skill to another. Totemigo is fun and sensorial… it captivates  !

“Totemigo is my favorite tool. It is innovative, multipurpose which is very appreciated by patients for its nice colors and its easy manipulation. It stimulates the experimentation and the consolidation of knowledge in autonomy. Its possibilities of are really broad, especially thanks to the active community which shares scenarios. I’m won over !” 

JBortho – Speech therapist 

“Tool totally adopted by my daughter who has learning and orality disorders. It enables her to learn sentences pattern and count while having fun. The infinite possibilities of activities allows Totemigo to guide my daughter on the long term and to adapt to her current knowledge or difficulties.” 

Candie – Mother 

“It’s a simple and progressive tool. It is suitable for all ages et we really can create the activities we want for all competences. It enables to enhance learning processes. I adore it ! Tested and approved in my classroom!” 

Trousse.2.crayons –  Primary school teacher



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